LDR4400 Disney Leadership Strategy

LDR4400 Disney Leadership Strategy

Development Plan

Nurses regularly engage with a wide range of patients in their daily practice. Cultural competence is essential for nurses to deliver appropriate and culturally sensitive patient care (Kaihlanen et al., 2019). Nursing institutions typically instruct nurses in delivering standardized medical care to patients. There is a lack of emphasis on training nurses in cultural competence, which is crucial for delivering medical care that considers patients’ cultural backgrounds. My change plan involves creating a website to disseminate information on enhancing cultural competence among nurses. The website will incorporate information from various nursing journals and articles, potentially including hyperlinks to external sources.

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LDR4400 Disney Leadership Strategy
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I will leverage technology and social media platforms to raise awareness among nurses about my initiative and its objectives. In order to access information on cultural competence, nurses should possess a computer or smartphone with internet connectivity. I will distribute the URL of my website across various social media platforms to maximize its visibility among nurses. By sharing the website link across various social media platforms, nurses can conveniently access and engage with the information provided to enhance their cultural competence.



My goal is to conduct research and disseminate information on cultural competence through a website to enhance nurses’ cultural competence by a minimum of 60% within one year. My plan aims to enhance nurses’ cultural competence, enabling them to address patients’ diverse needs better (Kaihlanen et al., 2019).LDR4400 Disney Leadership Strategy


My primary objective is to locate a web developer who can assist me in creating a user-friendly website within one month. This website will serve as a platform for sharing knowledge on cultural competence. My second objective is to regularly publish well-researched and referenced content on cultural competence in nursing on the website to enhance nurses’ cultural competence. This will be done weekly, with at least two posts per week. My third objective is to distribute the link to new content across various social media platforms to reach a large number of nurses weekly (Oikarainen et al., 2019).

Tools and Resources Needed

The assistance of a web developer is required to facilitate the development of a user-friendly website with aesthetic qualities capable of capturing the interest and attention of diverse nursing professionals (Oikarainen et al., 2019). In addition, a robust internet connection is necessary to facilitate the dissemination of information via website postings and subsequent linkage across various social media platforms. I may also need the assistance of other nursing professionals to facilitate the dissemination of information about the website, ensuring a wide-reaching impact within the nursing community. In addition, access to various scholarly periodicals and libraries will be necessary to retrieve pre-existing research on strategies for enhancing cultural competency among nurses.

Barriers that Could Impede Implementation

Several impediments have the potential to impact the successful execution of the proposed strategy. The website may encounter technological difficulties that might need additional time for resolution, thus resulting in a delay in the project’s execution (Handtke et al., 2019). Additionally, there may be little online material available about cultural competency. Consequently, I may need to register for various courses to expand my knowledge before disseminating it to other nurses. Additionally, my calendar may be filled with other commitments, which might impact my ability to implement the proposed plan actively. Consequently, this could result in a delay in the completion of the project.

Implementation Plan

The projected timeline for the implementation plan is designed to be completed within a maximum duration of two months. The task involves identifying and engaging a skilled web developer with both affordability and proficiency to design and construct a website (Handtke et al., 2019). Once the website has been successfully launched and is operational, I want to write a comprehensive paragraph delineating pertinent details on my background, aspirations, and the strategic approach I intend to use to attain my objectives. Subsequently, I want to duplicate and disseminate the hyperlink throughout diverse social media platforms to attain a substantial outreach among nurses. Finally, I want to provide information on cultural competency on the website.

Leadership Characteristics

According to Brottman et al. (2019), it is important for a leader to proficiently and unambiguously convey their goals and objectives to everyone under their purview. This attribute enables them to convey their objectives and aspirations to the general population effectively. Additionally, a leader must possess a strong sense of goal orientation to effectively strive towards accomplishing their objectives. An essential attribute of a proficient leader is the capacity for autonomous thinking, enabling them to discern and choose suitable strategies for executing a strategy. This attribute will enable me to make exceptional selections and develop suitable tactics for executing the strategy.LDR4400 Disney Leadership Strategy

Creating Magic Strategies

I will prioritize inclusivity by using a universally accessible language and ensuring that the information is easily comprehensible for all nurses. Creating magic motivates a leader to establish their people as the embodiment of their brand. I will leverage the influence of renowned nurses to effectively communicate the relevance of the information presented on my website, aiming to persuade fellow nurses of its applicability to their professional practice. Finally, I aim to challenge the conventional norms by actively seeking to instigate transformative shifts within the nursing field. The primary objective is to promote nurses’ comprehension and willingness to enhance their cultural competence (Brottman et al., 2019).


Cultural competence is crucial in nursing care delivery. Cultural competence is essential for nurses to deliver patient-centered care effectively. The absence of cultural competence poses difficulties in engaging with diverse patients and establishing the essential relationships required for effective care provision. Educating nurses about cultural competence is a potential strategy for enhancing cultural competence in healthcare. I intend to develop a website to enhance nurses’ comprehension of cultural competence by providing educational resources and information on the subject.


Brottman, M. R., Char, D. M., Hattori, R. A., Heeb, R., & Taff, S. D. (2019). Toward cultural competency in health care. Academic Medicine95(5), 1. https://doi.org/10.1097/acm.0000000000002995

Handtke, O., Schilgen, B., & Mösko, M. (2019). Culturally competent healthcare – A scoping review of strategies implemented in healthcare organizations and a model of culturally competent healthcare provision. PLOS ONE14(7), 1–24. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0219971

Kaihlanen, A.-M., Hietapakka, L., & Heponiemi, T. (2019). Increasing cultural awareness: Qualitative study of nurses’ perceptions about cultural competence training. BMC Nursing18(1), 1–9. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12912-019-0363-x

Oikarainen, A., Mikkonen, K., Kenny, A., Tomietto, M., Tuomikoski, A.-M., Meriläinen, M., Miettunen, J., & Kääriäinen, M. (2019). Educational interventions designed to develop nurses’ cultural competence: A systematic review. International Journal of Nursing Studies98, 75–86. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2019.06.005t


Week 4 – Drop box Assignment – Development Plan

Start Assignment

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 100
  • Submitting a file upload
  • Attempts 0
  • Allowed Attempts 3
  • Available after Nov 20 at 12am

***This assignment utilizes TurnItIn.  When you submit this assignment to the assignment drop box, it will automatically be submitted to TurnItIn.  You will receive an Originality Score along with an Originality Report that should be carefully reviewed.  If revisions need to be made to your assignment, you will be able to make additional submissions, and you will quickly receive updated Originally feedback. It is important to plan ahead so that you have enough time to review your originality feedback and make any revisions to your assignment before the final due date. Please see instructions for using TurnItIn in the Course Welcome module under Useful Resources.

How many submissions to TurnItIn are allowed?

  • For 3000 level courses, you will be allowed a total of three (3) submissions to TII (original plus 2 additional)
  • For 4000 level courses, you will be allowed a total of two (2) submissions to TII (original plus 1 additional) (excluding elective courses LDR 4400, NSG 4310, NSG 4410, NSG 4430)
  • For elective courses, you will be allowed a total of three (3) submissions to TII (original plus 2 additional)

NOTE:  If you must submit your assignment AFTER the due date, please refer to the RN to BSN Late Assignment Policy in the Syllabus for questions related to a request to submit a late assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Consider the principles addressed in the content presentations this week and identify one aspect of nursing practice you would propose to see changed.  Describe how technology would assist you in this change process. As part of this change process discussion, provide:

  1. What is your goal? (See SMART goal section below)
  2. Provide 2-3 objectives for your goal. (See SMART goal section below)
  3. Discuss what tools or resources do you need to facilitate successful implementation.
  4. Discuss any foreseeable barriers that could impede implementation.
  5. Discuss an implementation plan for your identified goal.
  6. Identify three characteristics of effective leaders that will assist you in obtaining your identified goal.
  7. Discuss at least three strategies from Creating Magic that will potentially help you grow as a leader.
  8. Submit a 2-4-page APA formatted paper excluding the title and reference pages.

Example Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Expand and enhance public and staff access to library and electronic information resources through our website.


Replace the library’s web server and software by August of 2010.

  1. Form a web committee comprised of representatives from each department by January 2009 to evaluate resources that should be included in the site and to make a schedule to routinely update these resources.
  2. The outreach coordinator will develop marketing materials to promote the site and aim to increase traffic to the site by 20% after six months.
  3. The library manager will establish a list of website competencies for staff and will offer two training sessions to familiarize staff with the resources on the library’s site by March 2009.

Goals and Objectives should be SMART

The acronym stands for:

  • Specific – Be clear about what needs to be done. Someone other than the person who wrote the plan should be able to clearly see the intended technology path and what will need to be done to be successful.
  • Measurable – Refer to specific measurements to gauge success. Use details like how many, an expected percentage increase in usage or rate of participation to establish a measurable success rate.
  • Attainable – Are there sufficient resources, staff time, and budget to achieve goal/objective? When referencing staff resources, state the position in the library that will be responsible for completing the task so that a clear picture can develop about the amount of work that will be delegated.
  • Relevant – Does the objective support the goal and does the goal support the library’s mission? The projects and activities that the library undertakes should be in direct support of the mission.
  • Time-bound – When should the objective be completed or measured?

Writing in the SMART style helps to ensure that expectations are clear from the beginning and to keep the plan on track. However, it is important to remember that things can change! If you can no longer achieve the goals set out in your plan, document those challenges or barriers and explain why things were changed.



Development Plan (07/2020)

Development Plan (07/2020)

Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentification of Nursing Practice and Goal Development• Identify one aspect of nursing practice to propose a change.
• Describe how technology would assist
• Identify goal
• Identify 2-3 associated objectives
• Place goals and objectives in the SMART acronym format
25 ptsMeets Expectations

Identified a nursing practice goal, provided a description of how technology assisted, and identified 2-3 objectives utilizing the SMART acronym format.

21 ptsApproaching Expectations

Attempted to answer the criteria, but the response is missing components integral to the assignment objectives (clarity of nursing goal, inclusion of technology, identification of goals and objectives in the SMART acronym format).

17 ptsNeeds Work

Deeper response is needed to answer the prompt at an acceptable level OR Multiple component of the prompt is missing.

0 ptsUnacceptable

The paper does not meet minimum assignment guidelines. OR No Assignment Submitted.

25 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTools or Resources• Identify tools or resources
• Identify foreseeable barriers

Identify how tools/resources will produce or support change

15 ptsMeets Expectations

Identified tools or resources to support the plan with the identification of barriers, and provides a discussion how tools or resources support the proposed change

13 ptsApproaching Expectations

Attempted to answer the criteria, but the response is missing components integral to the assignment objectives (identification of tools/resources, identification of barriers, or the discussion to support the identification of the tools/resources).

10 ptsNeeds Work

The response does not demonstrate an adequate level the identification of tools or resources, barriers, or discussion to support change. OR Multiple component of the prompt is missing.

0 ptsUnacceptable

The paper does not meet minimum assignment guidelines. OR No Assignment Submitted.

15 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeImplementation Description• Describe the implementation process
• Include the proposed change, technology, goal development and tools/resources
• Proposed change fits described setting
• Proposed change is logically applied
• Ensure implementation plan addresses identified barriers
30 ptsMet all criteria

The implementation plan description is logical and includes all criteria (implementation process, technology, tools, or resources, applicable to the selected setting, and barriers are identified).

25 ptsApproaching Expectations

Attempted to answer question prompts but is missing components integral to the assignment criteria (implementation process, technology, tools, or resources, applicable to the selected setting, and barriers are identified).

17 ptsNeeds Work

The response does not demonstrate an adequate level of the implementation description criteria. OR Multiple component of the prompt is missing.

0 ptsUnacceptable

The paper does not meet minimum assignment guidelines. OR No Assignment Submitted.

30 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLeadership• Identify three characteristics of effective leaders
• Discuss three strategies from Creating Magic
15 ptsMeets Expectations

Accurately identifies 3 characteristics of effective leaders and effectively discusses three strategies from Creating Magic.

13 ptsApproaching Expectations

Identification of characteristics or discussion of strategies is attempted but does not fully address the concepts and/or make the required connections.

10 ptsNeeds Work

The response does not demonstrate an adequate level of the identification of leadership characteristic and/or inclusion of Creating Magic is not presented.

0 ptsUnacceptable

The paper does not meet minimum assignment guidelines. OR No Assignment Submitted.

15 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWritten Communication
7.5 ptsMeets Expectations

Assignment contains proper spelling and grammar. Student organized the content, the flow was logical and clear, including the use of professional language.

6 ptsApproaching Expectations

Assignment contains 1-3 grammar/spelling errors.

4 ptsNeeds Work

Assignment contains 4 or more grammar/spelling errors.

0 ptsUnacceptable

No assignment submitted.

7.5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA
7.5 ptsMeets Expectations

All sources used in assignment include properly formatted APA in-text citation(s) and full reference(s). APA style includes 0 – 1 error.

6 ptsApproaching Expectations

Attempted in-text citation and full reference with all sources used in assignment. APA style includes 2-4 errors.

4 ptsNeeds Work

At least one source is written without an APA in-text citation or full reference in assignment. APA style includes more than 6 errors.

0 ptsUnacceptable

No assignment submitted. OR No APA formatting was used in the assignment.

7.5 pts
Total Points: 100




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