MSN Topic 4 Discussion 2 Data Collection Tools

MSN Topic 4 Discussion 2 Data Collection Tools

The research under consideration focuses on the use of CHG swabs in the port to help control central line-associated bloodstream infection among patients in medical-surgical units with central lines. Therefore, one of the data collection tools that can be used in this research is the electronic medical record system (van Dijk et al.,2021). These tools can help in the collection of important information such as demographic information, details on central line insertion, occurrences of CLABSI, and adherence to standard care practices, among others. Barriers may arise during data collection. Therefore, aspects such as translational research can be used to overcome such barriers. One such aspect is engagement with stakeholders. Translational research indicates the importance of appropriate collaboration between patients, healthcare providers, and researchers. Engaging the stakeholders timeously can be key to identifying possible barriers to data collection, such as non-compliance and resistance, thus leading to the formulation of strategies that can be used to effectively address the barriers (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2021).

Implementation research can be used to overcome the potential barriers during data collection. This approach entails a systematic assessment and identification of barriers and facilitators to the adoption of the proposed strategy. Therefore, in the data collection phase, research can appropriately identify the barriers in time and use necessary remedies. It is important to provide an understanding of the chosen translational research, gather collaborative support, and maintain the integrity of the translational research. One of the strategies is education and training workshops, which can be organized to help educate researchers, administrators, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders regarding aspects such as the methodologies and principles of implementation research (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2021). It is also important to engage stakeholders in time and consistently to trigger collaborative support. For example, an approach of forming multidisciplinary research teams which comprise representatives from various healthcare departments can be explored.

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MSN Topic 4 Discussion 2 Data Collection Tools
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LoBiondo-Wood, G., & Haber, J. (2021). Nursing research E-book: Methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice. Elsevier Health Sciences.

van Dijk, W. B., Fiolet, A. T., Schuit, E., Sammani, A., Groenhof, T. K. J., van der Graaf, R., … & Mosterd, A. (2021). Text-mining in electronic healthcare records can be used as efficient tool for screening and data collection in cardiovascular trials: a multicenter validation study. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology132, 97-105.


Identify a data collection tool you could use for your research. Consider how you could employ translational research to potentially overcome barriers, which may arise during data collection. Identify the best type of translational research to address this barrier and provide rationale for the type you have chosen. What strategies would you employ to provide an understanding of your chosen type of translational research, gather collaborative support, and maintain the integrity of translational research?

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